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Entertainment 13 December, 2017

Dancing with the stars

End of worry for the fans of Dancing with the Stars. While the future of the show looked uncertain, season 9 has been announced officially in the grand final.

The celebrities have not yet finished dancing. The season 8 of Dancing with the Starss’ends this Wednesday, December 13th, but the date will have at least had the merit to bring happiness to the show. It is now official : she will return next season. The news was announced live on TF1, by Sandrine Quétier. The facilitator took the floor after the first two services to confirm it : “We are left for a season 9 “.

This confirmation was especially expected by the general public, while the tour Dancing with the Stars will begin very soon. For good reason : the show has had a few problems this season. Has to begin with hearings in the semi-shade. The program has beaten its record of hearing on November 2, being aired on a Thursday night. But the numbers on Saturday were less convincing, and the audience sometimes has to hit other strings. On 25 November, TF1 had even finished 3rd on the podium of the hearings, behind France 2 and France 3.

The question that arises now is the following : Sandrine Quétier will she be always in control of DALS the next season ? This year has been marked by an evolution of the presentation, a new facilitator accompanying the presenter at each program. Moreover, according to the information from Closer, the main interested has had a falling out with the producer of the program : it does not support its permanent notes in his headset. In spite of everything, Sandrine Quétier remains popular with the public, who appreciated his good humor. Case to follow.

Photo credits : screen Capture TF1

Sandrine Quétier

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