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Entertainment 13 September, 2017


The team of Dancing with the stars (DALS) to host this season a dancer is truly special. The young woman has participated in the choreography of Beyoncé, in particular for the Grammy Awards last February.

Me, I don’t want Vincent to be with Hajiba that I have seen, there is no way “, challenged jealously Hapsatou Sy was invited with the team of DAL‘S on the board daily. The team has discovered the faces of the dancers and professionals during the show on TMC. “It is the dancer of Beyoncé “, came a whisper Joy Esther to the ear of the wife of Vincent Cerruti, not reassured for a sub.

And there is nothing to envy the professional dancer. Hajiba Fahmy, 29 year-old has joined the team of the show talent to the great despair of some. Born in Valencia, the young woman entered the conservatoire national de danse in Paris. In 2013, the artist is applying to a announcement of a american star who is looking for professionals to accompany him on tour. It is like this thatshe found last February on the stage of the Grammy‘s to perform a choreography for the singer Beyoncé pregnant with her twins. “Dance for Beyoncé it was a dream of a little girl “, said she in 2015 to Non-Stop People. Since then she has also worked with M. Pokora on his album recovery of Claude François.

We do not yet know the partner of Hajiba Fahmy, but we know already that this will not be Sinclair who will dance with Denitsa Ikonomova. Hope to Hapsatou Sy that this will not be his companion Vincent Cerruti, who has been chosen to be the partner of the dancer. According to Closer, the police would have intervened at the couple on the night of 12 to 13 September for a fight. The two lovebirds have strongly denied this version.

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