Dancing with the Stars: After Alizee, discover what former candidates back

Entertainment 29 November, 2016

Saturday night by making the antenna, Sandrine Quétier announced that for the next premium Dancing with the Stars , ancient celebrities would come dance with five couples still competing. Listed below are the trios that in a few days will shine under the spotlights of the most publicized dance floor France.

tonya-kinzinger-2The noose is tightening. Pressure mounts for five couples still competing in Dancing with the Stars. The personalities will now have one goal in sight: to give the best of themselves to try to qualify for the big final scheduled on 16 December.
After the premium devoted to shameful songs , candidates are about to experience something they are not ready to forget. Indeed, for the show next Saturday, couples will have the privilege of working in trio with old figures who competed in previous editions.
As revealed by the website of La Parisienne Saturday night, viewers find Tonya Kinzinger , Brahim Zaibat, Priscilla Betti , Loïc Nottet and Alizee trio with the personalities on the 8 th premium of Dancing with the Stars . So one question now arises: how will the teams composed for prime Saturday night?
The answer now! Karine Ferri and his partner Yann Alrick welcome actress under the sun , Tonya Kinsinger. Artus and Marie Denigot dance, they, with Brahim Zaibat (came second in season 4). Florent Mothe and Candice Pascal share the stage with the singer Priscilla Betti (2 nd in season 6).
Laurent Maistret and Denitsa Ikonomova will move their body with the winner of season 6 Loïc Nottet. Finally Camille Lou and Grégoire Lyonnet receive the backing of the wife of the dancer, Alyzée. A moment that is likely to speak because the singer, winner of season 4 DALS , did not hesitate to post some comments on Instagram implying a clear background jealousy. choreography three should raise the temperature. We can not wait to see it!