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Entertainment 13 December, 2017

Dancing with the stars

He dreamed, he did. Agustin Galiana returned this evening in the history of Dancing with the Stars in the making no mistake on his second choreography : he grabbed four in 10 in artistic note, and four others in the technical note.

Get a 10 in Dancing with the Stars ? This is not an easy thing, but it is still possible. During this eighth season, the judges have been particularly generous, since many of the candidates have won at least one during the competition. But, in the final, Agustin Galiana has managed a real feat. During her second delivery, he got the perfect score : 10 the hand of all the members of the jury, as well as from a technical point of view than from an artistic point of view.

This remarkable feat, the actor has performed a paso doble. The challenge was size, since it was already rubbed it to this dance a few weeks ago. At the end of the choreography is steamy, during which he had passionately kissed her partner, the judges were mixed and he had reproached his lack of passion. He had then obtained a score of 72/80. In retentant his luck on the same routine, it gets this time the note of 80/80. A nice contrast for him, when we know that his family did not want to do the dance.

Before him, only one candidate had managed to accomplish such a without fault : it is Loïc Nottet, who was the big winner of season 6 of Dancing with the Stars. At the time, the belgian singer had teamed up with Denitsa Ikonomova, and, in the final, they had done a no-fault total in getting only 10, and this, on both of their benefits. The classification history of the show, Agustin Galiana, therefore, will have to settle for a second place. But with such a performance, he confirms his status as a great favorite of the competition.

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