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Entertainment 24 October, 2017

Dancing with the stars

Agustin Galiana, actor in Clem and currently a candidate for Dancing with the stars, is passionate about dance since childhood. But the social pressure experienced in the city where he grew up, in Spain, would have been able to prevent it from achieving his dream.

Agustin Galiana, a candidate for the new season of Dancing with the stars and actor seen in the series , Clem TF1, has always dreamed of dancing. But, when he was younger, he was very close to the side of his dream. “I grew up in a small town in eastern Spain, where it was not necessarily seen to do the dance, “he said to Gala. I was 14 years old : boys were playing soccer and the girls to the doll. My parents were teachers, and feared that I vilification. I’ve done my best to make them proud of me, at the price of giving up what made me really vibrate.


Today, at 39 years old, Agustin Galiana finally able to realize his dream. The actor is well aware that it was not easy to get there, and showed themselves to be indebted to those who supported him throughout his career. “I have not bad had a hard time up to now, he says. This was not a path of flowers and sequins. I really fought to get there. Know that the public supports me, that my parents are proud of me, it moves me really. “It awaits only one thing : share all this happiness with the future woman of his life.

Interview by Gaëlle Placek. The full interview is found in Gala n°1272, available from this Wednesday 25 October.

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Agustin Galiana

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