Dancing with the Stars: Camille tension between Lou and Caroline Receveur

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

According to Closer , the two candidates Dancing with the Stars , the singer Camille Lou and blogger Caroline Receveur take so much competition to heart, they would even hard to stay friends … True jealousy or rivalry ephemeral? Anyway, the show unleashed many passions.

dalsIt’s not all that fun, tango and sequins. Behind all the glamor of Dancing with the Stars , there are too many disputes and rancor. This season, the tension builds in particular between the two candidates Camille Lou and Caroline Receiver. If the singer and fashion blogger are very similar physically – they are both blonde and slender – they do not remain great friends so far.
According to information from our colleagues Closer , competition between the two women is such that they may not understand. ” Camille is a little jealous of the treatment received by Caroline from the jury , reportedly told a member of the production magazine. she finds they are more friendly with Caroline with her, including Pietra. ” would the pressure finally overcame their friendship? Probably not, at least we can say that they both take the issue to heart, and it is certainly not displease production, or the public.
But the competition DALS also good, since it sometimes bring about love. We now know that the idyll share Alyzée and Grégoire Lyonnet since their adventure … and it seems that the lovely Caroline Receiver will be enamored of Matt Pokora, during his stay in the show . In any case that whisper the rumor for a few days … Maybe this new love will make him forget a little rivalry with the other candidates!