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Entertainment 13 December, 2017


The grand final of Dancing with the stars will take place this Wednesday, December 13, on TF1. To try to win the victory, the candidates are training very hard. The dancer Candice Pascal, very stressed out before the show was even entrusted to be injured.

This Wednesday, December 13, viewers will finally be the big winner of season 8 of Dancing with the stars. Which of Tatiana Silva, Lenni-Kim or Agustin Galiana, will succeed Laurent Maistret ? The paris are open. For the big show tonight, the candidates are training so hard. Sessions challenging for celebrities but also for their partners who accompany them in this crazy adventure. Some give themselves a lot of harm to the image of Candice Pascal.

The lovely partner of Agustin Galiana has shared on the social networks behind-the-scenes of his training. And it is clear that the duo does not count his hours. Monday, December 11, at 23h44, they had not yet finished their training. Once you finally returned home, Candice Pascal has entrusted to us, obviously very proven : “I don’t know how it was done, it is a miracle. I hurt everywhere, I have the muscles with spasms, so I’ll slip in the shower. A shower very, very hot “.

A shower and a night’s rest, which, however, have not much helped the young woman. The next day, the young dancer has made a ” mini-anxiety attack “. Candice Pascal has appeared very stressed. “The freestyle, this is not playable. We had the rehearsal on the set, we did not have the time to do all the details… You can not do miracle, ” says the young woman. Hard, hard, for the young dancer who confided to also be injured during the training : “I need to find a time to spend at the osteopath because I made myself a vertebra on a focused one does and I also have a rib dislocated. I will not have the time to do the radio so I’ll do it after DALS (sic) “.

Fortunately the young woman was able to see a doctor. Here it is ready for the grand finale. Tonight, he will have to give everything, to finally peacefully rest tomorrow.

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