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Entertainment 11 December, 2017


5 years ago, viewers discovered the talents of dancer Chimene Badi in Dancing with the stars. An experience that the principal interested states today does not have appreciated.

In 2012, Chimene Badi was in the casting of the third season of Dancing with the stars. Eliminated at the end of the fourth premium of the issue, the singer of 35 years old today to have lived his ouster as a relief. And for good reason, it has simply been forced by her manager at the time to participate : “All alone, I would not have made the decision to make this contest “, she says in One remade tv on RTL. Although it was a real fun dancing with her partner Julien Brugel, the pressure on him was much more difficult to manage.

“On the moment it is complicated,” she says. During the rehearsals, everything goes well, you master its choreography by heart, and there’s this thing the moment it is here, in this arena, where there’s cameras on you, there’s this voice that says : ‘On a cha cha, Chimene Badi and his partner !’ And there you have the heart that will fall. “And added : “I think if it had been in another context, I would have just exploded, because I think to be a good dancer, but I was completely blocked.”

“Delighted” at the time of its elimination, the former heroine of the musical Cats, nevertheless, believes to have “learned a lot” through her participation in the dance contest for TF1. “It makes you stronger. I’m super comfortable with myself since then, and I master the cha cha to perfection. “

Photo credits : Jacques BENAROCH/SIPA

Chimene Badi

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