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Entertainment 13 December, 2017

Dancing with the stars

Dancer emblematic of Dancing with the Stars, now since the season 1, Christophe Licata has once again led his partner up to the final. He opens up on his special relationship with Tatiana Silva.

Hard to imagine Dancing with the Stars without Christophe Licata. The dancer is part of the pillars of the show, in the same way that members of the jury : it is part of the team since the first season. But above all, it is part of the choreographers most effective : in eight seasons, he has guided five of his partners up to the final !

His beautiful journey started in season 3 with Amel Bent, and continued with Laetitia Milot during season 4. In the 5th edition, his partner Ophélie Winter is the second to be eliminated, but, following the departure of Grégoire Lyonnet, it is he who guides Nathalie Péchalat up to second place, and he who misses the win by a hair, on the arm of Priscilla Betti. This latter had done by his disappointment not to be able to offer the victory to his partner, who wanted it so much.

After a slump in 2016, 2017 has marked the return of Christophe Licata on the front of the stage of the show. With Tatiana Silva, he is doing great things and pushes it to its limits. On the plateau, in the final, he entrusts that she is the one who has made him the most proud of, thanks to his incredible progress : it has never been so happy dancing with the reporter weather. Unfortunately, the dancer will once again have to settle for third place. First eliminated from the final, his “Armadillo” will at least have had the merit to be awarded a perfect score by a no-fault. An accomplishment more impressive array of Christophe Licata.

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