Dancing with the Stars – Fauve Hautot and Laurent Maistret couple for a night

Entertainment 7 December, 2016

Saturday night will be the semi-finals of “Dancing with the Stars.” For the occasion the stars still competing dance with members of the jury. A first that promises!

Surprise! For the ninth prime Dancing with the Stars , the production decided to surprise the audience and viewers with a new challenge .
Indeed, the four personalities still competing will perform two choreographies. But for the first time in the history of the show, they will dance with a member of the jury.
Karine Ferri and Chris Marks perform a salsa , Camille Lou and Jean-Marc Généreux a paso doble, Artus and Marie-Claude Pietragala contemporary dance and finally Laurent Maistret and Fauve Hautot a rumba.
The first images of the drives between these two promise a great time “muy caliente” .
” He’ll have it hot ” asked Fauve Hautot his partner . Laurent Maistret did not actually pray to follow the instructions of his partner , and declare: ‘I look forward to dancing with Fauve “We understand that..
These two “cats” certainly offer us a magical moment, we wait to see .
Another nice program in perspective Saturday night on TF1 .