Dancing with the Stars : Lenni-Kim in tears, it cracks after its no-fault Gala

Entertainment 13 December, 2017

Dancing with the stars

The youngest of the competition once again proves his abilities on the floor of Dancing with the Stars. In the final, Lenni-Kim has been a no-fault, and awarded the maximum score on his second delivery.

From the top of its 16 years, Lenni-Kim re-enters in the courts of the great. More precisely : he joined the very exclusive club of those who have won the maximum score in a performance in Dancing with the Stars. This Wednesday, December 13th, the young Quebecer has proved its capabilities by winning 40 points in the technical score and 40 points in artistic note during the finals, on his second delivery of the evening.

For his second dance, the singer has decided to re-create a number that he had presented the first award of the show : one of the highlights of the season. It is, of course, his quickstep performed on the original soundtrack of the The Land. His goal ? To prove its progression over the competition, and most importantly, close the loop by ending as it began, on a dance that he loves. Precise and smiling, Lenni-Kim has achieved a perfect service, and this can be seen in the notes of the judges, who have praised his talent. This had the result of the melt in tears in the arms of Mary Denigot.

Thanks to those 80 points on his second dance, he is ranked not only in top of the rankings, but it also replicates the feat of Agustin Galiana. His opponent had just won it the maximum score, on the occasion of a paso doble boiling. Before them, only Loïc Nottet with managed the feat in 2015, during season 6 of Dancing with the Stars. But for the moment, the belgian singer is still a notch above them, since he had managed to win 160 points over the course of the evening, making it a no-fault on the two benefits.

Photo credits : screen Capture TF1

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