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Entertainment 13 December, 2017

Dancing with the stars

The emotion was at the rendezvous on the set of Dancing with the Stars, at the end of the performance of Tatiana Silva. On a contemporary dance, it is open to the public, and has shed many tears.

Contemporary dance can have an incredible effect on the public. The benefits are usually very emotional, and tonight, in the finale of Dancing with the Stars, the excitement was once again at the rendezvous. For this last issue, Tatiana Silva had decided to recreate one of his old numbers, a contemporary choreography on the music What about us, Michael Jackson. A service which was particularly touching, as for the journalist weather, it was above all the occasion to pay tribute to his mother, who died when she was only 16 years old.

This dance, the only woman finalist had already been carried out on the occasion of the second premium, without really convincing the jury. But tonight, everything has changed. Jean-Marc Généreux has struggled to find the words. Throat knotted with emotion, he had to take the time to breathe and wipe her tears before stating : “I thought we had seen everything of you, and there, you went to draw to the inside. The first time, I had the impression that you mimais your gestures. There, you the screw. You have been very generous to offer us with Christophe this great performance, for me without fault. “

This is a view shared by his comrades, since all have sent their congratulations to Tatiana Silva, before he received perfect marks : four in 10 in arts and four in 10 in technique. The young woman achieves the same no-fault Lenni-Kim and Agustin Galiana before it. On the occasion of their second show, the three finalists have managed to drop 80 points on 80, entering definitively in the history of Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately, this has not been sufficient to enable the miss weather of the win. It has been élimée to the gates of the final of the finals, who will face his two comrades.

Photo credits : screen Capture TF1

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