Dane DeHaan has hallucinations in the very strange trailer of A Cure For Life

Cinema 2 February, 2017

Before playing intergalactic heroes in Valerian, Dane DeHaan will star in a very disturbing film, A Cure For Life, on February 15th. Discover the trailer!
There are films like that, which are so chelous, that they turn the brain over to us for weeks. We think of The Shining by Stanley Kubrick or Shutter Island Scorsese, but we can now add the new film by Gore Verbinski, A Cure For Life , with Dane DeHaan, the future hero of Valerian . On the program: an ambitious young trader named Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) starts the trail of his boss disappeared in a mysterious wellness center in Switzerland. But what he did not know was that once you got there, you could not get out. Caught in the trap of the clinic and its enigmatic medical corps, he discovers little by little the sinister nature of the care offered to patients. While he is diagnosed with the same illness that inhabits all residents, Lockhart has no choice but to submit to the strange treatment delivered by the center … the Cure. Already, the pitch is, basic, pretty chelou. And again, you have not seen the trailer.
Between horror movie, gothic thriller and science fiction , it is unclear how to classify this film so it is strange. It’s like being stuck in a nightmare, do not you think? But A Cure For Life is none the less a very intriguing film after this trailer, there was also only one desire: to discover what lies behind the famous “Cure” , do not you? Ok, there are also eels, which are more than flippantes and other hallucinations that promise hectic few nights, and the scary music does not help, but we have confidence in Gore Verbinski to captivate us from start Until the end despite everything. And then you still have to admit, Dane DeHaan is pretty amazing, what promises to Valerian this summer, you can already discover the trailer.