Danneel Harris One Tree Hill gave birth to twins with improbable names

Entertainment 5 December, 2016

Pink book for the plague of the series “One Tree Hill.”
jensen-ackles-daneel-harris-a-la-soireeIt is Christmas come early for Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel Harris. In early December, the couple announced the birth of their twins on social networks. Specifying that they were born on Friday, 2 December, the actor who plays Dean Winchester in the series Supernatural unveiled their two very original first names.
” Danneel, JJ and I are very happy to announce that our twin Zepplin Bram and Arrow Rhodes were born. Everyone is doing well ,” said he wrote on his Instagram page where he published a photo of the thing 1 and thing 2, characters from the book the Cat in the Hat . Double blow for the couple of actors who already shares a little girl named Justice Jay , aged three.
The young mother, who played for several seasons old obese transformed into Rachel Gatina atomic bomb in the series One Tree Hill and her husband have been dating for over a decade. The couple met on the filming of Ten Inch Hero before he engaged three years later . Jensen Ackles and actress of 37 years were then married in a romantic ceremony held in Dallas in May 2010.
The hottie who starred in the series Smallville , Dawson and Dark Angel announced the pregnancy of his wife last summer , always on social networks where he regularly posts family photos. Hopefully it does not take long to reveal too are the faces of the twins.