Danny Strong and Cailtin Mehner engaged: The splendid ring unveiled …

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

The star of “Gilmore Girls” is preparing to convolve in just wedding.
It is better not to stop believing in your dreams if you want them to be realized. This is exactly what Danny Strong, who has seen his best wishes fulfilled at the end of 2016. One who embodies Doyle McMaster in the series Gilmore Girls asked the hand of his beautiful darling, Cailtin Mehner , Which he has been attending for several years. He welcomed that she said yes, prompting his many followers on social networks to never give up.
” There are three years old, I met for the first time the most beautiful woman he had ever been given me to see. She left me her phone number but I was missing a digit. I was Persuaded that she had made a mistake (did I have any illusions?) Then I followed her and asked her to go out with me. Last night, I had the courage to ask her to marry me and she agreed. Moral of the story? never give up because you are missing a number! I love you , “said he wrote on his Instagram page where he posted a picture of his future wife , Smile and ring the finger.
For its part, the lucky lady was also delighted their future union, sharing a selfie of the couple on their personal page. ” Will I still be Team Paris and Doyle for life?” , She joked in reference to the character of her lover in the television series.
The actor of 42 years is just about to resume service in the new mini-series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life , soon broadcast on Netflix. Danny Strong also played the unlucky Jonathan Levinson in the series Buffy the Vampire cons and made a few appearances in the series Mad Men .