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Entertainment 8 August, 2017


Dany Boon, the “Cht’i” has experienced a meteoric rise in the world of cinema. The actor now lives in the United States with his family. Confidences on his daily life and his american dream in the Parisian.

Dany Boon has taken a long time to decide on the destination of his dreams. Not for vacation but to still have time for his family, among all his film projects. Indeed, since its first appearances at the comedy festival of Trouville in 1992, the autograph sessions and filming for the French cinema have not stopped. One man show, the Ice Palace, Olympia, the award of the legion of honor, the first not to Hollywood, but for Dany Boon, the happiness of his family comes before everything. While the actor spent in Nothing to declare, Raid Crazy with Alice Pol and Bienvenue chez les ch’tis, moved to United States in 2008, after the success of Chtis, in 2014 he chose to leave to London with his family… a short stay. It definitely has elected domicile in California. He has returned to the last winter, as he confides to Paris. His wife Yael and their children, Eytan, Elia and Sarah, are therefore more pleased than ever.

There, the actor lives far away from the pressure of fame. “If I live in Los Angeles it is to be able to take my children to the football and go shopping with them. Children of parents known to have always the impression that we stole their father or their mother “, he explained to the journal. It is also there that the small ones have their habits and their friends, ” explained the magazine Tele 7 days last September. Which can give up the memories of 4 years of the american dream ? “For them, my wife and I have decided to return to our home in Pacific Palisades. It is neighbors with Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday “, friends, gave it also to our fellow VOD in February. If the fans want to see the French actor, they are warned, they will have to take the plane. In any case up to a return to France… to which it does not close the door.

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Dany Boon

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