Dany Brillant and Lah, romantic from father to daughter: he celebrates his 51th birthday

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

He has always excelled in the art of counter-weather. While he wants to revive the fashion of the slow, Dany Brillant invites his eldest daughter on the trail of great feelings …

He has twenty-three years of career, she is just twenty-one years old. Sitting side by side in the garden pavilion of the Queen, Place des Vosges in Paris, Dany Brillant and his daughter, Leah confront their vision of love …
Gala: It’s not every day you have the chance to meet “the last romantic”!
Dany Brillant: This is not a self-proclaimed title, beware! When I was seventeen, I was crazy about a girl in my class. I wrote poems, letters, songs. She was not used to dragging her like that – the guys around us were rather macho – and she’d turned me away and told me I was really the last romantic. I contrasted! Twenty years later, I was walking down Saint-Michel Boulevard and I heard a voice: “Hey, hello, the last romantic! It was her. She remembered me like that. I wanted to write a song about it …
Gala: Do you think romanticism is disappearing?
DB: Yes. Types that emphasize emotions, feelings pass for beings a little shifted. Especially since society today is very virtual, very dehumanized. Computers, e-mails, social networks have taken over.
Leah: Clearly. Young people of my age no longer know what it is to be romantic. In any case, it is no longer a means of seducing. One is in consumption, one burns the stages. There is no more tension, no hesitation. No more room for romanticism, for drag. All my friends are on dating sites, it’s normality.
DB: That said, I’m sure everyone is romantic within oneself. Everyone seeks his half soul, a happiness exchanged. The problem is that people close their hearts out of fear of suffering.
Leah: I agree! In vain do the girls say that they do not care, they only hope to fall in love, they always await the prince charming.
Gala: The ten songs on your new album evoke ten moments of love: desire, unconsummated love, quarrel … and disappointed love. Have you suffered much in love?
DB: I suffered and I did suffer. It is possible that the frustration of not being able to love or be loved is not triggered in me the vocation of singer . I went on stage to be noticed. I had a need for recognition at the outset.
Gala: Being the daughter of one who embodies the romance “old”, it is difficult to assume?
Leah: No. On the contrary! I think it’s great. I am not objective because he raised me. And he was a great dad. I may not have had a “normal” connection to you, because you were a rather boyfriend and we did not see each other every day, but our relationship is very special. Obviously, my friends do not listen to Dany Brillant. But, in general, they tell me that they loved, child, that their parents are fans. People are benevolent …
Gala: Dany you grow a pretty old-fashioned, vintage image. Very 1950-60. Would you be afraid of the future?
DB: I think that is Victor Hugo who said: “When one takes root in the past, we have for the future foliage. It is a pity to make a clean sweep of everything that has happened before, in favor of so-called modernity.
Leah: I will not contradict you, my heroes have always been Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley  ! Loving Frank Sinatra prevents me not to listen as Stromae.
Gala: Eliette Abecassis wrote to you, Danny, you’re enjoying to be against the current …
DB: That’s true. I like the idea of ​​disturbing. When everyone is pleased, no one is pleased. It has become my trademark. I did gypsy swing in the nineties to fight the wave of electro, but once it was successful, I did not want to continue. I went to Cuba to record a salsa album, it worked as well. I went to the couples dancing and it hit on TF1 Saturday night … There, I raise the slow and I’m sure everyone wants to slow the redanser. It is the universal dance of love. No need to have taken classes, it’s instinctive.
Gala: You dancing slow leah?
Leah: Not too much not. It really does not exist anymore. In general, I find it difficult to meet today. No doubt because I am also quite romantic. I stay with my girlfriends and concentrate on my work.
Gala: Dany, are you a possessive father?
DB: No. Leah received an education which is a true treaty of good manners. I gave him a compass. Now she does what she wants with her life. We are in a relationship of trust.
Gala: Do you trust each other?
DB: No, not so much. By discretion, certainly. You have other people to blow you up on your heart stories and I do not think I would be very good advice: nobody will ever be good enough for you anyway!
Leah: Yes we speak of these little things. Even when you knew Nathalie (the mother of her two sons, Lino and Dean, four and two years, note), seven years ago, you did not tell me about it. I met her in your box after a concert, I had no idea who she was … It is indicative of our modesty.
Interview published for the first time in 2014