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Entertainment 23 January, 2018


Dany Brilliant is absent from the music scene for a few years. The singer has been unable to produce songs and this has severely affected her health, as reported by Tv Magazine. Today, the singer returns with a thirteenth album in which he confides about this dark period of time.

Fans of Dany Brillant had no more news of their idol for almost four years. The singer 52-year-old has not given sign of life since his last game, The last romantic, which was released in 2014. An absence that was hiding a deep hurt-to be, as revealed by the singer in the columns of Tv Magazine, in which the information was taken by our colleagues from VOD. In this interview, Dany Brilliant announces his return. The crooneur of the 90’s is going to release a new album under the sign of the ” Rock and swing “. A thirteenth album, which will mix jazz and rock, and will be released current 2018. On the occasion of this interview, the father of little Leah is back on the dark years that he has just been through and the many obstacles he had to overcome.

In the columns of the magazine, he thanked his wife, Nathalie Moury, who helped to take the shot. “Since four or five years, I have a slump,” he said to Tv Magazine. It has always been, and is still there. “He even dedicated a new song titled You are my dream. Through his music, Dany Brillant speaks about his experiences, especially with the title When you hear my song. “I had a serious health issue. And it inspired me this title. We saw it with the death of Johnny : a singer is eternal because his songs will continue to live. The voice of the singer remains “, he said without giving more details on the evil that has reached.

But not as much for the singer to offer a very dark album to his fans. On the contrary, the interpreter of When I see your eyes wants to give back the smile to those who listen to his songs. “After going to draw the inspiration to Cuba, Italy, Puerto Rico in my previous albums, I’m saying that we need to find the music, the joy. The time is difficult, especially since the period of the attacks, and it is necessary to combat the gloom. Each song is a hymn to life, ” details the jazzman.

Dany Brillant is not the first artist to take the time for him due to health problems, and then to return to the front of the stage. The singer Renaud, disappeared from the radar in 2008, has struggled against his old demons before returning in 2016 with his self-titled album, and whose first single was titled Still standing. In 2013, the singer Lara Fabian has had to deal with the disease. Long absent, she was returned in 2015 with a new album titled My life in yours.

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