Daphne Burki: who is Gunther Love, his companion and the father of his daughter Suzanne?

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

Internet users from Europe1.fr have made them their favorite TV host. In real life, Daphne Bürki is in a couple with a guitarist like no other.
There were 36,500 voters on the site 1.fr Europe during the holiday season to designate their favorite television facilitators. The winner of the Top 10 is called Cyril Hanouna , before Yann Barthes and Bertrand Chameroy . On the women’s side, the winner is Daphne Bürki. It anticipates 1500 votes Karine Le Marchand , Ophelia Meunier , Ayem Nour , Leah Salameh or Laurence Boccolini .
Host of New Edition of C8 , Daphne Burki has long sailed in other spheres as television, including fashion design. In 2009, when she was present at the Festival de Cannes for Canal +, she met a certain Sylvain Quimène, on the Croisette with her group Airnadette. A group of Air Guitar, an activity that involves mimicking the gesture of a guitarist without having the instrument in hand. Under the name of Gunther Love, Sylvain has twice won the title of world champion in 2009 and 2010. They first of all become great friends, before sharing much more .
In the columns of Gala , Sylvain Quimène explained: “To say that we love at the risk of cutesy and live up to this commitment being true, it is just very rock’n’roll! ” In July, they we had a daughter, Suzanne. Little Suzanne already has a big sister, Hedda, born in 2007 and resulting from the union between Daphne and the singer Travis Bürki. : “She is thrilled , explained it. What is crazy is that she guessed that I was pregnant before I even discovered it myself and she knew before me that it was a girl! “.