Daredevil : Charlie Cox is expressed, finally, on the end of his series

Cinema 8 December, 2018






It has been over a week that the ax has fallen and we always try to understand why Daredevil has been cancelled. And most importantly, we want to know what future has written for this universe.

After discontinuation ofIron Fist and Luke Cage, it was expected that Daredevil goes to the crushers also even if we had no idea it would be this fast. Well, there’s still The Punisher and Jessica Jones , but as these two series are already a new season each to provide, their cancellation will not be effective before the next year. But it will happen inevitably.


It seems to be far away already…


The fault in that ? Everyone aims at Marvel, in the shadow of its owner, Disney. In fact, the studio prepares its own service of SVOD in the next year, which he imagines as THE competitor of Netflix , and therefore, logically, there must be a rupture between the two partners for not autoconcurrencer. This also explains that, in mode, tabula rasa, Disney will not air its series Netflix Disney +, for problems of rights of broadcast in a first time, but also because Netflix will always be available to its subscribers. So, if Disney wants to return Daredevil to the small screen, he has to start all over again.



And this is where you think of Charlie Cox, perfect in the role of Matt Murdock / Daredevil, who must have well bad at the moment. The actor had not yet expressed itself on the cancellation of the show but it is suspected that he was going to talk about it one time or another. It is now a done thing since he has entrusted his feelings on the subject at the microphone of the Entertainment Weelky and that,apparently, it will not be super strong :

“A lot of us were hoping to continue, and I was a part of it. In truth, I think we still had a lot of stories to tell and, while I understand the cancellation, it makes me very sad. It’s just like running the business. But these characters mean a lot of things for the public. It’s strange to me to say that there is a great chance that I will never be Matt Murdock, because he has been such a part of my life during these past four and a half years.”


Not the big potato there


A sense all the more understandable that the production had received the proposal of a season 4 just before the cancellation of the series. That said, if Cox must draw a line on his show, he is quite ready to go back to the mask at one time or another :

“Oh my god, yes. I really don’t know how that would happen but one day it could very well take back the cane and start again.”

It is all that he wants of course, even if we don’t see too many starts this would be possible unfortunately.