David and Brooklyn Beckham offer matching rings

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

David Beckham and his eldest son Brooklyn show complicity with matching rings. The jewels appear on a photo full of tenderness, posted yesterday on Instagram.

David Beckham loves his children, and they do it well. Brooklyn Beckham published yesterday on Instagram a photo full of tenderness. On the black and white cliché, the hand of the ex-footballer is delicately placed on that of his eldest son.
At their little finger, everyone carries the same delicate ring. Inlaid diamonds, the jewelry is signed Hoorsenbuhs, a luxury brand of California. Their value is around $ 2,500. These “matching rings” symbolize the strong bond that unites them.
David Beckham supports his son in all his projects. At 17, Brooklyn took his first steps as a model and fashion photographer.
The two men, very accomplices, also love to provoke each other. When Brooklyn boasted of having a million followers on Instagram, his father did not hesitate to the nose : ” That’s cool, but I have 52 million. ” His eldest not spared either. A year ago, surprising his father in full nap, he hastened to cover his body with sweets before publishing the picture of the scene on Instagram. “I surprised my father sleeping,” he had captioned.
Today, David and Beckham enjoy their Christmas holidays in the Maldives. As a family, they share precious moments. And, since yesterday, the same precious jewelry.