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Health 4 July, 2017


A month ago, David Beckham created controversy on social networks after he posted a photo of a kiss on the mouth with her daughter Harper. The father of the family wanted to make things clear.

David Beckham never expected surely not to create such a controversy by posting a photo of a kiss on the mouth with her daughter Harper Seven on the 1st of June last. The internet users had launched into a debate on the practice “weird ” to some, “so beautiful” to others. The cliché “Kiss for daddy ” became viral.

David Beckham had never responded to the hate comments. Now that the controversy has settled, the former professional football player was held to explain in a Facebook Live : “We want to show our children that we love them “.

The last time, I was criticized for having kissed my daughter on the mouth. I kiss all my kids on the mouth , “said the father of Brooklyn (18 years old), Romeo (15 years), Cruz (12 years old) and Harper (5 years). “Except maybe Brooklyn. He is 18, he or she may find this a bit odd, “he ravisé.

David Beckham has insisted on the love that he and Victoria have for their children : “I am very affectionate with my children. It’s like that one has been raised with Victoria, and this is how we are with our children. “The star of the ball is a real dad cake, especially with Harper, the youngest, the darling of the family. And height of happiness to his dad, Harper himself has recently confessed that she would like to ” maybe do the football.

Kiss for Daddy ❤️

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