David Beckham: violent dispute with a Formula 1 boss on New Year’s Eve

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

In the evening at a luxury hotel, David Beckham fought violently with another guest, Ron Dennis. The former boss of Formula 1 and his relatives had allocated the places reserved by the Beckham clan, facing the stage.
We must not provoke David Beckham. On New Year’s Eve, he fought violently with Ron Dennis, the former boss of the McLaren stable (Formula 1) … for a history of seats. The Dailymail reported the altercation Thursday December 5th.
In the evening at the same luxury hotel, Maldives, the two men quarreled tables located in front of the stage. After dinner, Ron Dennis and his entourage got the best seats, which offered a perfect view of the upcoming show.
However, these sites had previously been reserved by the Beckham family and their friends. David Beckham really wanted to be first hand : his wife Victoria, a former Spice Girl, and his eleven year old son Cruz were performing on stage.
Clearly wrong, Ron Dennis refused to return their seats to the Beckham clan. “It is I who have spent the most on this island, I deserve this place,” apparently replied the former boss of Formula 1.
Faced with this blatant lack of good manners, the blood of David Beckham did only one turn. A violent dispute erupted between the two men. The animosity is settled that the next day, when Ron Dennis has agreed to apologize to the former footballer, a source of Dailymail.