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A biography of David Bowie, appeared in September and the fans of the legend uk can expect to indiscretions surprising about the star.

Sex, drugs and… nazism. Yet, simply entitled David Bowie: A Life, the future biography written by Dylan Jones is not going to do in the lace and promises a few anecdotes, sordid. The british star passed away in January 2016 continues to fascinate with his outstanding personality and his immense talent. This time, it will be question of sexual orgies, to proposals nécrophiles and movies nazis viewed under psychedelic drugs. Extracts shocks revealed by the Daily Mail.

The book, published by the editor-in-chief of the magazine GQ guarantees a few thrills to the readers. Dylan Jones has attended the rock legend and investigated with his family to find the episodes the most fantastic of his life. ” David Bowie was his own creation, his own work of art, “explains the writer. The author provides, inter alia, that the thirst for sexual insatiable David Bowie had led him to have a sexual relationship with a corpse. “Someone had to point and give him or her a body that is dead and still warm to sleep with.He resembled so much to a guy that abnormal people lunatics could think that he was into necrophilia, “says a fan who have slept with him in Philadelphia in 1972. An offer finally denied by the interpreter of Space Oddity. “Why is it that I would be interested in kiss a fucking corpse ?” would have replicated David Bowie.

Depending on the writer Wendy Leigh, author of a biography on Bowie in 2014, the artist with a thousand facets used his charm to get what he wanted. It evokes the feelings of the artist without taboo. “I don’t think he has slept with men, except if it was to come to an end. It is a bisexuality of ambition,” says the biographer, indicating that the star was not embarrassed by the young age of these groupies if he wanted to sleep with them.

Dylan Jones has also been talking to Glenn Hughes, who has met the singer in Los Angeles when he conceived of a Deep Purple album. The producer explains how he became addicted to cocaine in attending the artist before you walk away from a man who ” was based in the narcissism of Hitler “. Glenn Hughes states that David Bowie didn’t want to be Hitler, but he was fascinated by the nazi party. “You’re in a trance, under cocaine, and he just wanted to see reels and reels of films the nazis. He never makes the gesture of the arm, he was just fascinated , “says the close to the star.

According to the british newspaper, David Bowie would have been saved from his demons by Iman, the woman of his life. He encounters it at a dinner party in 1990 and married two years later. “I fell in love with David Jones, not David Bowie, “says the former companion of the artist. Died in January 2016 as a result of cancer, David Bowie has delivered an album posthumously – Blackstar – for his fans. The English star died two days after having celebrated his 69 years.

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