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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


David Guetta holds his ten fingers, thanks to which it is constantly creating new tubes and occurs in live… But not to the point of the make sure. This is what he told the Daily Star during a long interview.

A real machine to tubes. The French dj David Guetta has been placed in 7th position of the djs the best paid in the world. This worldwide success, he owes to his talents as a composer, his collaborations always well chosen, but also to his ten fingers and his dexterity on the turntables. In a long interview to the Daily Star, the star has confided that his lawyer had advised him several times to make sure his hands, thumb to little finger, in order to deal with any eventuality.


I’m leaning on the subject, because my lawyer said to me : ‘You should make sure your fingers’, he told. But obviously, this option has not really rained the one who is now sharing the life of the lovely Jessica don area. I do not judge anyone, but I have not done it , he explained.


It must be said that in celebrities, to ensure that part of his body, the more profitable is a common practice. Difficult, however, to make the difference between mere rumours and true contracts of insurance. The supermodel Heidi Klum, would have made sure her legs for 2 million: $ 1 million per leg, according to the website american People. The diva Mariah Carey would have been much farther to her legs worshipped them, making estimate of $ 1 billion. The smile pest of the beautiful Julia Roberts would be worth his weight in gold : $ 25 million. As for the legs of the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, without which it would certainly be a lot less goals, they would be insured to the tune of 100 million euros.


Thanks to its tubes, David Guetta earns on average $ 25 million per year… If Frenchy had agreed to make sure his ten fingers, we can imagine that the amount would easily reach several tens of millions of dollars.

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