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Entertainment 15 December, 2017


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If they have not grown up together, David Hallyday and Laura Smet have developed, once they become adults, very strong links. It is together that they have stood the test of bringing in the land of Johnny, together they have managed this trip so painful for St Barth. But life could once again drive them apart.

David Hallyday has never been the type to impose to be at the center of the photo. But over the years, the son of Johnny Hallyday has emerged as a unifying element, indispensable to the clan Hallyday. In music, the father and the son were found on the album Blood for Blood, the album was written by David to his father, and which remains her biggest commercial success. Since the disappearance of the Taulier on 6 December, David became the clan leader of a blended family where tensions have left room for emotion in this Monday 11 December at the marine cemetery of St Barth.

The photos of the funeral you can see Laura holding firmly the hand of David, David consoling Alexandra his wife, in tears, but also Laeticia, tested by a week of mourning. For David and Laura, this stay also how painful-it is also a reunion. It must be said that the two elders of Johnny have not been reared together : David Hallyday, 16 years older than Laura has done her studies in the United States while the girl has been high between the Creuse and St Tropez with her father. Both of them have grown up with the feeling of the absence of a father, a father on the road, totally invested in his career.

In 2010, the big brother takes him under his wing a Laura prey to his demons. He proposed to him to sing with him. Will be born ” It is fear “. “Life did not give us the opportunity to know us much, since we have lived apart: you in Los Angeles and me in Paris. But I knew that in a corner of my heart I had a brother. That has been very important for my balance to find you. And the words of our duo reflect a true authenticity. “, will tell David in the columns of the Gala.

David Hallyday family is sacred

It must be said that for David, the family is essential. With Alexandra and son Cameron, he leads a life of family, as opposed to discrete, which is what he has always dreamed of. In 2007, during a Highly Sunday, sitting on the red sofa at the side of Laeticia he explains how the family was close to his heart and that it is he who is gather all the world for the holidays. “We spend Christmas and New year the three families met. It is 75 and it is awesome ! The family is the stability in our business is crazy so it is very important “.

Now they face another challenge to keep this link ressoudé once they become adults. Laeticia Hallyday would have to live in Los Angeles with her daughters, Laura, in Paris with Raphael, his companion for 4 years and David Hallyday intends to install his family in Portugal.

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