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Entertainment 17 December, 2017


The eldest son of Johnny Hallyday was also the one who gathers the clan in the pain of the loss of the patriarch. David Hallyday, the father of three children, is now in charge of keeping the family closely knit.

After the death of Johnny Hallyday, on 6 December last year after months of fighting his cancer of the lungs, David Hallyday has proven to be a beacon of support for his family and friends : Laura’s younger sister to Laeticia, the wife of his father. Himself a father of three children, Ilona, age 22, and Emma, 20 years of age that he had with Estelle Lefébure, and Cameron, 13 years of age that he had with Alexandra Pastor, David Hallyday, who has always suffered from the absence of his father, has always made a point of honor to be present for his family. As it was told earlier in Paris Match : “today, I am a father, a big brother and a friend to my three children. I want to be the one who reassures them, but also the one who goes wrong with them. I’m proud of them : my daughters and my son have principles and values, and incredible.”

In the test, it is considerably closer to his half-sister Laura Smet, as evidenced by their joint communiqué following the death of their father, and they have signed “David and Laura, Laura and David” : “today, we have lost our father. Our pain is immense. Thank you for the support that you bring to us and all your messages which affect us and which are very important for us. ”

Today, David Hallyday is the new patriarch of the family and the guarantor of the spirit of his father. It is the responsibility of the heavy burden of sustaining relationships despite the miles that separate the different members of the family : Laeticia Hallyday and daughters, Jade and Joy, should continue to live in Los Angeles, Laura Smet in Paris while David Hallyday and his family have planned a forthcoming installation in Portugal.

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