David Hallyday : such as Jade and Joy, he has studied in the Usa Gala

Entertainment 17 January, 2018


Jade et Joy Hallyday are educated at the lycée français in Los Angeles. They are not the first family Hallyday to make their classes : their big brother David followed the same course it has been almost 40 years, when he moved to the United States with his mother Sylvie Vartan.

“Do you think they work as well as David ? “. This is the question that Johnny Hallyday, very concerned about the results of her daughters Jade and Joy, was sometimes Clara-Lisa Kabbaz, the director of the lycée français of Los Angeles, according to remarks reported by Paris Match. And I must say she knows of what she speaks : she herself was a student in this high school alongside David Hallyday – and Jodie Foster, who pursued his studies in the same institution.

David Hallyday moved to the United States at the age of 11 years, in 1977, with his mother Sylvie Vartan – who lives there still. Then, he sees his father (Johnny and he will regret later), and his life is radically transformed. “I become addicted to the sport and, especially, I find myself in the music, gave to Paris Match in early 2017. With two friends, I form my first band. Drums, guitar, bass : we take the tubes of the time in the garage. In parallel, I composed and manages to conquer my shyness. At the age of 17, I form my second group, the Blind Fish. We begin to sing in a strip-tease bar with fake id cards that we pay 100 dollars “.

The son of Johnny Hallyday continues of course at the same time his studies at the lycée français de Los Angeles, which are currently in school Jade and Joy. The two young girls were returned to the United States, after several weeks spent in St. Barts. With their mother Laeticia, they will try to return to their daily lives. In their home in Pacific Palisades, they hope to successfully move forward despite the death of Johnny.

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David Hallyday, Jade Hallyday

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