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Entertainment 25 August, 2017

20 Hours

Interviewed by Tv 2 weeks, David Pujadas has spoken on his departure from France 2. The occasion to mention his return in the group TF1 for which he worked for almost 7 years.

The ad had created a shock within the drafting of France 2. On the 17th of may last, after 16 years at the helm of the newspaper of 20 hours, David Pujadas announced himself to his teams that he was thanked by the management of the public channel. A foreclosure unexpected that the journalist, who will make his comeback on LCI, has agreed to discuss in an interview for the next issue of Tele 2 weeks. “The page is turned. I’ve had some great years, but it is behind me. No one bathes twice in the same waters. That said, I am going to propose on LCI will have a strong kinship with the newspaper and the news.

Replaced by Anne-Sophie Lapix from the month of September, David Pujadas has also unveiled the reasons which have urged not to remain in the bosom of France Télévisions. Pointing the finger at the same time the direction of the group. “This would not have had neither for me nor for the viewers. Journalism at this level implies a strong relationship of trust with the executive and the presidency. When it is broken, it is difficult to pretend. I have taken note of this. I am not doing this business as a pawn to fill the boxes.

Back on LCI, the chain for which he had previously worked from 1994 to 2001, David Pujadas will take the helm of 24 hour Pujadas : info in questions, a programme devoted to news broadcast every day between 18 and 20 hours, as from Monday 28 August.


David Pujadas

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