Despacito song most listened to in streaming all the time

Art 19 July, 2017
  • AFP


    Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 04:43

    Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 04:43

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    NEW YORK | The song Despacito of the puerto rican Luis Fonsi, whose rate reggaeton latino has invaded the globe, became Wednesday, the song most played in streaming all the time.

    The label of the song, Universal Music Latin Entertainment, has announced that Despacito, the original and its versions remixed, had reached 4.6 billion views on the purpose-built platforms, including YouTube and Spotify.

    Despacito, a latino hunk full of sexual innuendo and that includes the rapper puerto rican Daddy Yankee became viral shortly after its release in January. The title has found an audience even wider in April, when the pop star Justin Bieber has appeared in a remix.

    The song Despacito dethrones the tube Sorry of this same Canadian Justin Bieber, which accounts for 4.38 billion views, according to Universal.

    Despacito – which means slowly in Spanish – spent 10 weeks at the top of the u.s. charts, becoming the first Spanish song to reach this rank since Macarena in 1996.

    “Streaming is a connector to the public in the world, and it has helped my music to reach every corner of the world,” said Fonsi in a press release.

    Reggaeton, which is the result of the dance hall jamaican and hip-hop, has historically allowed the puerto ricans blacks to express themselves.

    Streaming has rapidly and largely increased in recent years. There is no central institution identifying data for all platforms, leaving the labels with the task of announcing the numbers and records.

    Despacito is soaring on YouTube, where the song is already the fourth video is the most view of all time, with the 2.66 billion views. On Spotify, it was Wednesday, the 39th of the songs the most listened of all time.