Diabetes: an online test to identify predispositions

Health 14 November, 2016

diabetedThe International Diabetes Federation offers an online test. She hopes that one million people will be tested.

Despite the advancement of research, it is still impossible to prevent the development of diabetes. In France alone, one in five is unaware that he is suffering from this chronic disease. And the world, a patient on two lives without knowing the disease with 193 million people, says the International Diabetes Federation on the occasion of the World Day which takes place on Monday.

For most of these patients, this is the type 2 diabetes, nicknamed the “adult onset diabetes”. Silent and insidious, it is diagnosed until years after its onset. Once the heart, kidney or eye complications are already there. A real loss of opportunity for patients.
To remedy this situation, associations of diabetes patients have launched a global testing campaign entitled “Test2Prevent” a pun meaning “Test to prevent.” The goal: to track a million people throughout the month of November.

A test in 30 seconds
Accessible on the website of the International Federation of Diabetes , or in French on that of the French Federation of diabetes , this test recognized by the scientific community evaluates its predisposition to type 2 diabetes age, lifestyle, diet , family history, prescription drugs … in 30 seconds and 8 questions, it provides a profile and provides information on this disease increasingly common.

At the end of the test, it is possible to receive results by email accompanied by a commentary and recipes to eat healthy. For as many people to get tested, you can send it to friends.

If the result is high, it is important to consult your doctor. For this complex disease to be treated can be fatal. And even when a patient is supported, it is exposed to increased mortality , said the Public Health Agency France in its latest Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin (BEH). Women with diabetes are 51% higher risk of death than their healthy pairs, while men are 34% more susceptible to mortality.

To reduce the weight of this disease, the experts are unanimous: we must reduce the delay in diagnosis, therapeutic education adapt to each patient as well as the fight against smoking, alcohol consumption and overweight.