Did Bella Hadid use cosmetic surgery? The photo before / after that sows the doubt!

Entertainment 22 March, 2017

While Bella Hadid is one of the most beautiful women of the sphere people, the rumors of cosmetic surgery go on about him … The proof in photo!
Lately, Bella Hadid flew to Jamaica. More sexy than ever in bikini, the It Girl has not hesitated to unveil its maddening curves on Instagram . Several shots that certainly did not go unnoticed. Because yes, since she left the podiums of the biggest brands, the 20 year old woman pauses. And far from the polemics that suggest she is jealous of the relationship between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd , Bella Hadid takes time for herself. But while the pretty brunette currently enjoys a short break away from the media buzz, it is yet again at the center of all attentions. The reason ? The sister of GigI Hadid would have used cosmetic surgery and this photo before / after made speak on social networks …
Did Bella Hadid then succumb to the call of the bistoury? According to Internet users, the question does not even arise . And when we see the photo before / after the above, it is difficult to have doubts. As a result, we note that the nose of the top model was completely different 2015 compared to now in 2017. And if most fans of the model are convinced that it has resorted to cosmetic surgery, Bella Hadid did Never confirmed or reversed these rumors. But in addition to her nose, it may well be that the It Girl also increased the volume of her lips . “Bella was never sure of it, and it got worse when Gigi started modeling,” a source told Ok! Magazine . But in any case, it must be admitted that Bella Hadid is still so sublime. Decidedly, the physics of stars has been reacting lately. The proof with Beyoncé who also would have made injections in the lips from this photo that buzze on the Web. Do you think Bella Hadid is different?