Differences between US and international versions of Disney movies

Cinema 16 May, 2017

Disney is sometimes adept with some readjustments depending on the country where his animated films come out.
You never arrive at the top by chance. If the Disney house can boast an unparalleled aura and beneficent records it is also and above all thanks to its sense of detail. For example, did you know that animated films intended for the American public were not necessarily the same when they were released abroad? Depending on the country, there are sometimes a few changes to adapt to local particularities.
Vice versa
Refusing broccoli would be an unusual thing in Japan where this vegetable does not disgust children. It has therefore been replaced by peppers.
Hockey was rather confidential on a world scale, but was replaced by the most popular football in the international version.
Monsters Academy
The message “Be My Pal” has been completely ignored in the international version.
Just like the message in the next scene where Randall accidentally finds himself with cupcakes in the face that say “Blade” (“A draw” in VF).
It can be noted that in the original version, Bob is actually called Mike.
A picture is worth a thousand words (especially when they are in English). The waterfall was drawn in the international version.
Toy Story 2
To galvanize the other toys before going in search of Woody, Buzz l’Eclair addresses a speech in front of an American flag. Well, that’s in the US version. Fans around the world have seen a globe behind the Ranger of Space.
If Lady Rochelle is Canadian in the VO of Planes, she has had at least 11 variants on a world scale, with Carolina in Brazil, for example.
Ralph’s Worlds
Even though the character of Minty Zaki is a tribute to the famous cartoonist Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese version preferred to change its name (Minty Sakura) and its look.
The duo of presenters of the JT is not the same according to the countries: in the United States, Canada and France, it is a momentum, whereas in China for example, it is a panda who Play the PPDA.