Discover Kristofer Hivju’s cousin Isabelle Nanty star of “Game of Thrones”

Entertainment 15 November, 2016

Isabelle Nanty recently strange revelations about his family. To everyone’s surprise, the actress of 54 years is the cousin of one of the actors of the hit series Game of Thrones .

isabelle-nantyWho knew qu’Isablle Nanty was closely related to one of the most watched series in the world? While fans of Game of thrones barely wait at the idea of discovering the season 7, which is due out next summer, performer Cathy Tuche and the crazy Gladys in The teachers said that a member of his family was part of the series of casting. Besides, it is far to make up the numbers and plays a leading figure in the race to the iron throne .
Few people know, but isablle Nanty is of Norwegian origin by her mother and shares the same family tree as Kristofer Hivju, who plays Bane Tormung Giantsbane or Ogres. ” Kristofer Hivju is the son of the daughter of a cousin of my mother Norwegian ,” she explained proudly Télé Star . Must since season 3, the savage with a red beard is very close to Jon Snow, one of the series of heroes . And though many key people have been killed since the start of the show, that of his cousin has the merit of being alive: ” It is still not dead, it’s telling you!” laughed the future of sworn comedy festival of Alpe d’Huez .