Discover Roman Lavaud, the French elected Junior Mister Universe 2016

Entertainment 6 December, 2016

The bodybuilder Roman Lavaud, a native of Périgord, is 23 years old. He has won the title of Mister Universe 2016 in the category of juniors under 90 kilos thanks to impressive life discipline.

roman-lavaudWhile the room sports and weight training have never been fulfilled today, bodybuilding still bad press. Yet French excels in this discipline: Romain Lavaud has just been crowned Mister Universe 2016 in the category of juniors under 90 kilos, Colchester UK. This young athlete comes from the Périgord, specifically Javerlhac-et-la-Chapelle- Saint-Robert , Dordogne. And local media does not seem surprised by his success. Already double champion of France and third in the last world, Romain Lavaud working hard to perfect his musculature.
Many hours spent driving to work on the gym machines were necessary, but not only. Roman is imposed extremely strict lifestyle: no sugar, no fat, but high-protein. What transform his body into a winning machine. “From morning to night, it’ll be strict meal. It will be calculated and weighed. I have not a young life like everyone else. It is my choice, and when we do this sport must do for himself. ” And of course, discipline is also to make concessions: ” I do not go, I do not smoke, I do not drink not.”
He now hopes to turn professional bodybuilder, but he still has work to achieve his ends. If achieved his goal could allow him to leave his current work security guard and live his passion.