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Entertainment 22 December, 2017

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The general opinion is and this, from the beginning of the campaign for the presidential elections, Brigitte Macron is the effortless charm of her husband. Intelligent and passionate, she also displays a physical enviable because she knows very well put in value thanks to a wardrobe cleverly chosen.

Since the election of her husband as president of the Republic, the style of Brigitte Macron is widely commented on. If sexist remarks, criticising the length of her skirts, observers agree that especially to say that the first lady is blowing a wind of freshness on the world of fashion to the French. Because anxious to put forward the creators of his country, Brigitte Macron favours a wardrobe of mainly French Louis Vuitton Courreges.

Very popular, the wife of Emmanuel Macron has become a true influenceuse, and its beauty secrets are snapping up as much as the pieces that she carries when international political events. But its major asset is the pair of legs, too visible, according to the jealous, and who have charmed up to the great couturier Karl Lagerfeld. The magazine Paris Match, he said : “abroad, since Brigitte Bardot, is what is most popular in France, it is Brigitte Macron. The most beautiful legs of Paris !”

This week, the magazine Capital reveals the secret of these thin legs and muscular : the first lady would be a supporter of the bike according to his entourage. At least the board is easy to follow… in the saddle !

Photo credits : Peter Perusseau / Bestimage

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