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Entertainment 29 January, 2018


Nikki Haley, the ambassador of the United States to the united Nations, responded with force to maintain a link with Donald Trump. The rumor was started by Michael Wolff, the author of the Fire and the fury, a book of controversy against the american president.

The fire and the fury, a rant against Donald Trump written by Michael Wolff, has not finished to cause controversy. The writer states that the ambassador of the United States to the united Nations Nikki Haley was well be the successor to Donald Trump to the presidency of the country. The author later stated, during an interview airing on HBO, that the two protagonists are believed to have a connection. Of the allegations formally denied by the person concerned with the american media and Political. “This is absolutely not true,” assured Nikki Haley, calling the rumors “very offensive” and “disgusting “.

“(The author) says that I talked a lot with the president about my political future in the office oval. I haven’t talked to him one time about my future and I’m never alone with him, defended the ambassador, qiu condemns the attacks sexist. All my life I’ve noticed that if I say what I think, that I am determined, there is always a small group of people who did not like it and am trying to put sticks in the wheels, throwing rumors by example,” said Nikki Haley.

The noise of corridors on the infidelities of Donald Trump are going on : there are just a few days, the Wall Street Journal revealed that an actress of porn movies Stephanie Clifford would have had an affair with Donald Trump at a golf tournament in 2006. The magna real estate was then married to Melania since a year.

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