Disney characters on the plate, this mom found the best way to make vegetables to her kid

Cinema 9 January, 2017

It’s not that Father Ducros who shoots himself, this mom also performs miracles to make healthy eat his little one …

Even if your diet includes 100% kebab magical trio salad-tomato-onion, one can not really say whether it is really healthy and in the spirit of “5 fruit and vegetables per day” . So just imagine the complexity to swallow “healthy food” for youngsters, too attracted to other chips and burgers menus with toys. Faced with this challenge with his young son, Laleh Mohmedi an Australian mum, may have found the ultimate parade: draw plates and balanced meals with the image of Disney characters (or other cartoons) . A bright idea that has already rounded up nearly 70,000 subscribers on its Insta ( Jacob’s Food Diaries ). Normal is a treat.

Elsa in “The Queen of Snow”

Ariel “The Little Mermaid”

Po in “Kung Fu Panda”

Flash the Sloth in “Zootopie”

“The world of Nemo”

Bob in “Monsters & Co.”

Nick in “Zootopie”

Tigger in “Winnie the Pooh”

Alex in “Madagascar”

The Minions

The beast

The Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland”


The Carl (demonic) in “Là-Haut”

Mickey, Pluto and Dingo

Melman in “Madagascar”

The Minions # 2

The Carl (angelic) in “Là-Haut”