Do you want something? Make a petition, there are no limits

Cinema 3 February, 2017

The latest one asks Zack Snyder to make “The Batman”, following the departure of Affleck. Sometimes it’s less serious, it slips a little.
Is not it just a democratic tool? May the people make their voices heard? Surely yes. The risk is of course to have to listen and read proposals next to the plate, unfeasible, limit-limit or even squarely jokes on a large scale. Since it’s open bar, guys do not mind! Here are a few that made us laugh.
Let Deadpool present the “Saturday Night Live”
You know, the American show that Gad Elmaleh just copied and pasted in France? A Thursday instead of Saturday? Well, obviously, the original is better. And above all, it has existed for a while and all the gratin goes by. In short, in the States, more than 75 000 people have signed to see Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool dress dress presenter .
Putting Robin Williams in “The Legend of Zelda”
Let us honor the 120,000 guys who thought of it, it was beautiful. Known to be a big fan of video games and especially of The Legend of Zelda, the actor had named his daughter Zelda … . Logically, at his death, the fans asked Nintendo to pay homage to him and return the elevator by naming a game character Robin Williams. Possibility that was not officially set aside, so we are still waiting. Who knows.
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Surprised and content, as if he had his own character in Zelda.
Prohibit a store from selling the Bible to take revenge for the withdrawal of “GTA V”
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. In Australia, video game fans do not laugh. Sold by the store Target, Grand Theft Auto V was removed from the shelves a few weeks after its arrival, following the complaint of people for shocking and embarrassing contents. For piss and teach them a lesson, 60,000 fans have launched a petition to ban the sale of the Bible in the same store . Problem: he did not sell it. It is con, it is played sometimes nothing success.
Re-enter the slap on Mika’s butt in “Street Fighter V”
A sort of sexy wrestler of the game had the habit of self-slamming the butt before executing his fatal blow: crush the opponent with his popotin, precisely. Face to face. On the one hand. Against the back, on the other. Present in the beta, this one finally disappeared during the official release of the game , and Capcom clarified although it was an internal decision to avoid shocking people. And thus losing potential customers, and the pognon. Shouting to the censorship, 8,500 players signed a petition explaining that they would not buy the game without it. The brand did not fold. So how many have fulfilled their commitment?
Replay George Lucas make a “Star Wars”
Of course, everyone will be eternally grateful to him for letting us know this fantastic universe. Lucas is the father of Star Wars, it will not change. However, getting it back stinks the bad idea. He managed the episodes I, II and III and even IV (who had gone before, we will not explain again …) but we are now accustomed to see him at the helm . And the results are pretty good, so what’s the good of backtracking? Nostalgia does not help to move forward. Another 25,000 people who think “it was better before”.
Find a way for Beth to be alive in “The Walking Dead”
Mourning is not easy. Anything else. Nevertheless, for the disappearance of a character in a series, it should be manageable. It should, but it is not for everyone. Indeed, 65,000 fans signed for Beth comes back to life, as she had taken a bullet in the head . Bah ouai, it will teach the writers to write anything, to make disappear and reappear characters like that, under any excuse. The fans know that there is always a feint, to the snatch.
Create a real Jurassic Park
Obviously, it was just a joke. But a joke that makes freak and that we must not push too far, before it slips. The proof, only 2 000 people signed the petition at the time. Other surely feared that people are crazy enough to do it . Because we’ve all seen the movies, and we know how to spin this kind of ideas.
Building the Black Star
Impressed by the design and size of the brothel, 35,000 fans have signaled their willingness to see the space station originally created by Darth Vader be truly built. What the White House has officially responded in the negative, with reasons quite admissible as the exorbitant cost (apparently 850 000 000 000 000 000 $). Who has heard of other barred petitions? Or has an idea to submit?