Doctor Strange: Clea to the cast of the sequel?

Cinema 24 December, 2016

Clea, the main interest of Doctor Strange, had to skip the film. But could she land in the sequel? In any case, we can hope!
The problem with superhero movies is that there are so many characters in the comics that you can not all get them on the big screen! It is necessary to make concessions and sacrifices, to accept not to use immediately a protagonist, even to try to introduce it in a future film. So, it’s a bit what happened to one of the iconic characters of Doctor Strange comic, which is completely absent from the film , as he holds an important place in the Sorcerer Supreme of intrigues. And protagonist whose editorial ‘of melty wants to talk here is of course Clea , the love interest of the superhero. As it actually comes from another dimension (yes, it’s weird , but everything is weird in Doctor Strange ), the writers and producers of the film felt, rightly, that it would be difficult for the Include in the plot. As a result, Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) finds herself playing her role in Doctor Strange. But if Clea could not point the tip of her nose in the film, nothing tells us she will not … in the sequel! Obviously !
It is the writer of Doctor Strange , Jon Spaihts, which gives us some hope about it. In an interview with the website Comic Book Resources, it has indeed explained that introducing Clea afterwards would be difficult but not entirely impossible . ” It is a difficult character to play because his uncle is a kind of omnipotent god with a covered flame head. And she is a young woman studying canon super magic. Putting their relationship to the great comics Is a fascinating character, whether as a love interest or as a colleague of Doctor Strange, and it is very mysterious because one wonders if it is human, and if so, how she is human and what it means for [his relationship with Doctor Strange]. so we’ll maybe find a way to introduce it in later . “. As you can see, nothing is impossible! Especially the character Clea is actually fascinating, especially because of his family ties with Dormammu , and it would be a nice addition to the MCU. But for now, the fate of the young woman is still undefined and it will take some time before the Marvel studios look into his case. Meanwhile, nothing prevents us to imagine what other villains could land later in Doctor Strange ! Would you like to see Clea in the MCU?