Doctor Who Season 10: Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) back soon?

Cinema 8 November, 2016

A few months of the launch of the 10 season of Doctor Who, Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) could return in the English series!

matt-smith-doctor-who-patient-zero-zombiesComeback in series? Because it embodies the Prince Philip in the wonderful series of Netflix , The Crown, for which we were wondering when we would see a season 2 , Matt Smith is currently in full promotion. In one of his interviews, he did not fail to make the connection between his present and his previous alter ego, the Eleventh Doctor Doctor Who , saying: “Philip is a stranger in this world there is. completely unknown . ” It is undeniable that the role of Doctor Who has marked his career and fact, rumors of a return are constant (it is the same for David Tennant, who was the Tenth Doctor). Thus, when asked if he will soon be returning, the actor laughed and replied by saying: “There are rumors that I return There are always rumors I do not know … I do?. not been approached. I would consider any approach and I take very seriously ” . An answer that has something to give us hope!

Matt Smith has not failed to know that he still looked Doctor Who : “I’m a big fan I always argue because it offered me a wonderful experience!” . Since leaving the series, Peter Capaldi became the Twelfth Doctor and Matt Smith is a big fan of Doctor portrayed by Scottish actor. He advised that he gave him some advice, saying .. “Do not listen to anyone There are so believes it is necessary to disregard For this series, we must have a clear vision, but Peter does of course. It is wonderful ” . Recently, we announced that Donna Noble could return during or after the 10 season of Doctor Who! Would you like to see this doctor?