Doctor Who Season 10: Towards a reboot of the series with a much younger doctor?

Cinema 18 November, 2016

A few weeks before the release of Doctor Who Christmas Special, last season 10, we learn that the series could experience a nice reboot, bringing a new much younger doctor.

doctor-who-saison-10-poster-reboot-peterLifting! As we told you that Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) could soon make his return to Doctor Who , it seems that the knowledge series a real reboot after its tenth season. Indeed, Steven Moffat announced he would leave his position as showrunner at the end of 2017. Thus, season 11 will be directed by Chris Chibnall, writer / producer Broadchurch and BBC had the idea to refresh this legendary series. One of the first decisions that would cohosh, would significantly rejuvenate the Doctor. It is true that played by Peter Capaldi is one of the oldest we have experienced since Doctor Who returned in 2005 and the British channel would find an interpreter in ages from David Tennant or Matt Smith. Note that Eddie Redmayne could be a great choice since it has recently expressed his interest in the character.
In terms of the reason for the rejuvenation, it would not screenplay but rather marketing, with the aim to stimulate the sale of books, DVDs and toys, which have greatly diminished in recent years. Also, with this reboot, BBC would attract a young audience, an audience ratings currently attracted by the highly successful spin-off of Doctor Who : Class, for which we dévoilions the synopsis and promotional video of episode 6 Rest. that this is not good news for Pearl Mackie, who will play Bill, the new companion of the Doctor that we will discover in season 10, probably will begin in spring 2017. the actress would have signed a contract a year and should leave the show, along with Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat after Christmas Special next year. a new era is for Doctor Who and we hope one thing: she as successful as we follow diligently for 10 years. what do you think of this draft reboot?