Doctor Who : we know why Christopher Eccleston left the series after one season

Cinema 22 March, 2018






If today, Doctor Who is ready even to break the conventions with a new hero mode female, in 2005, the challenge was even more risky because it was a whole series that he had to squarely raise.

As we know, Doctor Who is a national treasure in England for more than 50 years, an institution that has finally experienced an international reputation in the mid-2000s when Steven Moffat has helped revive the series after a long break, to change a lot of elements and give it a youthful look essential. From its first episode, the new Doctor Who has been crowned with a success that has never really waned since.


Christopher Eccleston


And with its principle of incarnations in multiple, that is obviously super convenient for change of actor. And if the series had to start again with Christopher Eccleston in the role of the 9th doctor, in the following season, he had been replaced by the great David Tennant. It is suspected that there must have been a few problems between the first actor and the production so that it emerges dry, but we don’t know the details.

Today, the comedian decides to come out of his silence since he has decided to let go at the microphone of Radio Times :



“My relationship with my three immediate superiors – namely, the showrunner, the producer and co-producer – has broken irreparably during the filming of the first part of the season and it has never improved. They have lost confidence in me, and me, I lost faith in them.

Part of my anger about the situation comes from my own insecurity. They have hired someone to play the doctor who was not a comedian very bright. Billie Piper (his partner in the series), we know very brilliant, was very, very nervous and very inexperienced.


Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper


So you had that and then, you had me. An actor with a solid experience, maybe the more experienced of them all, but out of my comfort zone. When I left, I promised the showrunner, I wouldn’t do anything that could harm the series. But they made me of things that I am injured. Me, I had criticized person.”

Of course, the detail remains secret, as often, and it may be more like it. But it is clear that Eccleston has never been able to find its place in the series and that his departure was perhaps the best thing to do for everyone. And then, well, it has allowed us to have David Tennant, so we’re not going to complain about it no more what.


The great, the wonderful, David Tennant