Does EnjoyPhoenix work too much on vacation?

Entertainment 20 July, 2017

The holidays of the French YouTubeuse are not of all rest. Even though EnjoyPhoenix is ​​enjoying the summer, she is still a busy businesswoman. But is not she going too far?

Marie Lopez, we worry a little for you! As every year, the star of the net who owns nearly 3 million subscribers on its main YouTube channel, agrees during the summer a few days of holidays. Recently, EnjoyPhoenix was on holiday in the Dominican Republic, and took the opportunity to unveil his latest tattoo to his fans. Pool, luxury hotel, turquoise sea, beauty consultant 2.0 had posted incredible photos on his account Instagram. Of course, as Queen of the Vlogs, Marie Lopez could not help but film her adventures in the sun, and share them on the Web. But just back from vacation, the EnjoyPhoenix war machine is already re-starting. Does not she work a little too much?

It often happens to the French YouTubeuse to crack and to burst into tears on the social networks. It must be said that by wanting to chain projects, to run around the world and try to be present for his fans, Marie Lopez does not have a minute to her. That’s why, during the summer holidays, we tend to think that EnjoyPhoenix takes a lot of rest, but that nenni! As you can see, the star of the net tweeted his desire to be productive on a daily basis and even took the hand in the kitchen to revive his cooking chain in the autumn. And yes, nothing seems to be able to stop the young woman of 22 years. But all the same Mary, take care of you! Are you a real Enjoyeuse? Quickly test to find out.