Does La Land deserve this global success?

Cinema 2 February, 2017

This is the phenomenon of this beginning of the year and everyone speaks about it: La La Land is THE film to be seen. But is it really worth all the noise?
A risky project that turns into a global success is what is called a fairy tale in Hollywood. When Damien Chazelle has sought to produce La La Land, he had some problems and had to set aside a few years waiting to make a name in the middle. After the success of Whiplash he took his courage in both hands and took over La La Land to transform the film and specifically in musicals of modern times. As stated by Emma Stone in his speech at the Golden Globes , this crazy project became THE film that everyone talks about and demonstrates that we must always believe in your dreams, even if others do not. Does the film deserve the media hype it has provoked for 3 months? Yes and no ! Damien Chazelle has made a beautiful film, the scenery is magnificent, the actors play, sing and dance, the story is beautiful. When we emerge from the movie theater, we have the songs in mind and we remembers the magical performances we have just discovered and feel good.
Fans of musicals will no doubt be charmed and talk about La La Land as a perfect film … For others however, this will not be the same story. Those who do not like this kind of movies and which are not fans of the actors burst into song in the middle of a sentence are not going to suddenly change his mind on seeing La La Land . The film Damien Chazelle deserves the excellent reviews it has received, but it will not unanimously … Besides, you already expect the remarks “I saw La La Land, I honestly do not understand everything noise ” or ” I saw La La Land, I was disappointed (e) ” . In the editing of melty, some have loved and others are more skeptical! And what did you think of La La Land?