Doing sport in a club improves mental health

Health 18 August, 2017


Published the 17.08.2017 to 18h49


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Of the many virtues of the sport club. A review of the literature confirms the idea that to practise sport in a club will not only bring benefits on the physiological level, but also on the well-being and mental health. The review of literature, conducted by researchers from the university of Vienna 1685 studies, will be presented on August 22, during a session at the European Forum Alpbach, which takes place in Austria.

These works aim to assess the actual effect of the sport club on the mental health. Several conclusions could be drawn at the end of the review of the various studies reviewed.

Social integration, satisfaction…

First, the fact of being an active member of a sports club in adolescence facilitates the integration of a person in the society and encourages young people not to take the wrong path, ” write the authors. These young athletes have increased confidence in themselves, ” particularly in the case of girls “.

Belonging to a club of sport has a positive effect on the general well-being and mental health, in particular on the sense of ” vitality and satisfaction. “These effects are much more marked than those resulting from a sports activity individual,” explain the authors.

The benefits of sport in the club have been observed in all categories of age and gender. Recent work has suggested that these activities could prevent the development of dementia. “The social contacts you maintain in a state of dynamism, because it is the answer to your counterpart. This improves the cognitive faculties “.