Donald Trump: Deco, layout … everything he asked when he arrived at the White House

Entertainment 20 January, 2017

Today, January 20, Donald Trump and his family take over the White House for four years. This morning everything was to the taste of the Obama, this afternoon everything was changed, ripoliné, installed to the taste of the new President of the United States
Tonight, after the investiture ceremony, Donald Trump will step into President at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, address of the White House. In private apartments there find furniture that he loves, carpets that he appreciates his family photos arranged on the pedestal belonging to the historical collection of the presidency, his pajamas arranged on the short edge of his bed and The bathroom brands toothbrush and toothpaste that it uses every day . In short, it will be like home!
Some elements of decorations, sofas, armchairs, tables, but also paintings, and fittings of the rooms will evolve in the coming days to definitely erase any memory of the former tenants. We already know that the red curtains that the Obama had chosen for one of the salons will disappear. Trump hates that color!
If Donald Trump has a nocturnal hunger, the chef, who has been briefed on his cute sins, already has enough to satisfy his desires, and is full of what the new leader of the world’s largest power adores. chips Lay ‘s and Doritos. In case…
It is already clear that even if Melania will remain in New York to Baron, enrolled in a private school in Manhattan, she will have her “glamorous piece” that will wait on his visits. This piece will be devoted to its wardrobe and its beauty (hairstyle and make-up). A sort of boudoir where she will prepare herself for her public appearances with her husband.
The White House counts a hundred and thirty two rooms , it will have only the embarrassment of the choice.
Some presidents have added recreational spaces. At the existing movie theater and swimming pool, Ronald Reagan had installed a bowling alley. Barack Obama had asked him to install a small basketball court.
Trump, a fan of golf, might well be tempted to leave a trail by creating a practice. History of quiet putter …
Photo credit: Bestimage. Photo of the statue of the wax statue of Donald Trump installed in the replica of the oval desk at the Madame Tussaud Museum in London.