Donald Trump: his three seniors have built his transition team

Entertainment 15 November, 2016

If they belong to Donald Trump’s transition team, three seniors will not be part of the government but will have to regain control of its affairs.

ivanka-trumpJust elected, Donald Trump reiterated the importance of his family to him. In his first speech on November 5, the successor Barack Obama paid tribute to his parents and his brother died, and welcomed all children present on the podium to celebrate his victory.
Three of them, Ivanka , Donald Jr. and Eric , and Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner , are part of the transition team of the new president of the United States. But they will not be part of the government. This is the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, one of the key figures of Donald Trump’s staff, currently vice president of the transition team, who confirmed to CNN, the number of relief of Republicans.
In this interview, it suggested that Trump children to ensure succession within the business empire of their father. ” We must design something that is very easy, something that is right. Something that shows Americans that (Donald Trump) has no interest in business , “hammered Rudolph Giuliani. US President therefore do not work daily with his family in politics but obviously count on them to keep a firm hand the reins of his business.