Donald Trump: his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka hate each other

Entertainment 20 January, 2017

While on Friday, January 20, Donald Trump is invested 45th president of the United States, his wife and daughter compete for the role of first lady.
Melania the unpopular, Ivanka the ambitious. As Donald Trump’s nomination approached, rivalry grew between the two women.
It is Melania Trump, the wife of the billionaire, who naturally returns the role of first lady . The former Slovenian mannequin does not intend to put forward. “I will be a very traditional first lady Betty Ford or like Jackie Kennedy ” , she told the New York Times. She prefers to devote herself to the education of her eleven-year-old son, Bannon Trump .
It thus leaves the field open to the young Ivanka Trump, who plans to jump at the chance . “My priority is to move to Washington, to travel across the country, to listen and see how I can have positive added value, ” she said in an interview with ABC . To assist her father, she will resign from his posts in the direction of the Trump Organization and her clothing line . Her husband Jared Kushner was appointed senior advisor to the White House.
The couple, well perceived by the electorate, was a real asset in the campaign of Donald Trump. Vastly invested in the countryside, Ivanka Trump endeavored to defend her father . All the opposite of the very unpopular Melania. ” I decided not to take part in the campaign even though I support my husband 100%,” she told CNN. One of the few times she spoke during her speech at the Republican convention, she plagiarized Michelle Obama . She succeeds him today as first lady, under the envious eyes of Ivanka Trump.