Doums backed by Nekfeu, why 2017 is going to be his year?

Entertainment 23 May, 2017

While Doums, the poet of Nekfeu, has unveiled his new Zenith track, find out why 2017 may well be his year in our opinion.
A few weeks ago, we were talking to you about Doum’s intro, the poem by Nekfeu. A simple, but stylish piece, a bit old-fashioned, which not only convinced us, but also quite a lot of people, since the clip shows more than 500 000 views at the time of writing these lines. A little less than two weeks ago, it was with “Zenith” that the backer of Nekfeu (he who accompanied him on stage to finish his sentences and set the mood) made his return. A piece once again succeeded, which you can subdue the clip below, and which led us to ask ourselves the question: and if 2017 was the year of Doum’s?
For those who do not know him, a brief summary is necessary: before accompanying Nekfeu solo then the S-Crew (which recently unveiled the clip of Felins) during their tours, Doums made his arms alongside Nepal , With whom they form the group 2Fingz, who released a project a few years ago now, The madness of the glanders . We can also hear Doums on Young Entrepreneurs , L’Entourage’s album, a collective of which he is a member. Doums, it’s also a lot of featuring titles, like for example on “The look of the people” of Nekfeu, title that is found on the album Cyborg , but also
So why think that 2017 could be his year? Because, not badly pushed by the support of his friends (Deen Burbigo, Sneazzy, Nekfeu, who could prepare a new project in the shadow … ) but also and especially by his talent, he managed to reach 500 k views on Youtube With the title “Intro” , which is very promising for a guy who has, in fact, released very little solo. One can also say that, as he shows very well on the title “Zenith” , he, like his friends Entourage, evolved a lot in his rap: finished the multisyllabic stylés but a little sterile; Real lyrics, without forgetting to be technical. An almost perfect in-between, which only bodes good for the sequel, Which could well take the form of a first solo project. And you, do you think that 2017 could be the year of Doums?